History & Scope of Operations

Xn protel Systems is a global provider of a range of business-critical applications for the hotel sector. Xn protel Systems can provide a “one stop shop” for a hotel’s IT system requirements or can provide “point solutions” which will integrate to the other systems used by the hotel.

Since its formation in the UK in 2002 (as Xn Hotel Systems), the business has expanded rapidly and now employs over 90 people in local offices in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India, USA, UAE, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Territorial Expansion

In December 2015, protel hotelsoftware became a shareholder in the Company and at the same time the Company changed its name to Xn protel Systems and acquired protel’s business in Dubai. Protel hotelsoftware is a longstanding strategic partner to the business and the investment deepens this relationship and will promote even greater co-operation between the two companies going forward. The additional capital will also enable the business to invest further in sales & marketing, product development and enhancing customer service.

Products & Systems

Xn protel Systems strives to be the technology partner of choice for hotel chains and independent hotels on a global basis.

To achieve our vision, we recognise that we have to add value to our clients’ business by:

  • Understanding our clients’ needs and the issues they face
  • Giving expert advice to enable our clients to achieve their business goals
  • Providing our clients with competitively priced solutions which deliver rapid Return On Investment
  • Delivering  high quality, best of breed products, backed up by outstanding customer service and support

Delivering service through technology is both our customer commitment and our strategic focus.

References & Values

Our staff are primarily recruited from the hospitality industry and have huge domain experience from which our clients can benefit. In addition our extensive network of offices provides local support providing knowledge of local market conditions including language, operating practices and regulations.

INTEREL system philosophy is driven by its social responsibility towards the environment, which next to increasing the operators return on investment  drives the guest experience and optimizes the energy consumption of their properties whilst reducing carbon footprint.

protel PMS

protel PMS is a market leading Property Management System, installed in over 7,000 properties in 70+ countries. protel caters to the needs of every market segment, from small individual hotels to multinational hotel groups. By offering locally installed and cloud-based deployment options (via Xn protel’s data centre facilities, if required), protel allows customers to adapt rapidly as their business needs change and evolve.

protel is available in Single Property (SPE) or Multi Property (MPE) editions. The core PMS is enhanced by a range of fully integrated modules and product extensions. protel also takes full advantage of mobile technologies, offering native applications and dedicated modules for smartphones and tablets.

Reflecting the critical need for a PMS to connect to all other applications in a hotel, protel PMS has an extensive library of over 1000 certified interfaces to all major third party systems. A further major benefit of protel PMS is the ability to customise the product to adapt to our clients’ specific business processes.

The rise and rise of smartphones and tablets continues at a frightening pace. In both consumer and professional environments, the demand for mobile apps is insatiable. protel has already launched a number of innovative mobile modules for protel and more are in the pipeline.

protel for iPad

Don’t let work tie you to your desk. Go wherever you like and take protel with you.

protel for iPad is the first fully mobile hotel management system and offers the hotelier significant opportunities to enhance customer service and increase operational efficiencies.

protel for iPad offers more than just traditional Front Office features. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities:

  • Save unnecessary waiting time – check your guests in while greeting them personally in the lobby or on the way to the room.
  • Handle booking requests from anywhere and at any time.
  • Access management reports, evaluate the latest statistics and make informed decisions whilst on the move

protel Housekeeping

This native app for the Apple iPhone or iPod touch connects housekeeping staff, maintenance teams and front desk managers, allowing them to share live information on housekeeping and maintenance issues.
Housekeepers can update room status on the spot or post a guest’s consumption while replenishing the minibar. They also can send a maintenance request to the appropriate team, including photos taken on the device, if required.

  • Housekeeping list: Check and change room status and details
  • Minibar: Charge the consumption while replenishing the minibars
  • Maintenance: Create and edit maintenance orders, add pictures using the iPod or iPhone
  • Lost & Found: Create and edit entries, add pictures using the iPod or iPhone


Successful, long-term growth of your independent or multi-unit hospitality operation is a challenge. Whether you operate a private property, a hotel chain or other hospitality foodservice operation, one of the most important decisions you will make is the choice of POS technology.

Xn POS is an innovative, food & beverage management system, designed by F&B POS technology experts and influenced by leading operators in the hospitality industry. Xn POS was created to support the unique dynamics of F&B operations with simple-to-use modules, cued to help staff serve customers more efficiently.

Xn POS is typically deployed as a part local, part web-based, hosted solution. Each terminal is capable of trading standalone in the event of a LAN or internet failure, queuing transactions until a connection is re-established to the back office module, which is hosted in a data centre and accessed via web browser. This architecture also provides benefit to hotels requiring the flexibility to trade in locations where a network connection is not available, e.g. outdoor events.

Key Benefits

  • Xn POS is flexible. The system can be configured to run from a local server or from regional and centralised servers. Its modular design allows an organisation to deploy the system in the most suitable manner.
  • Xn POS can grow with your business – it’s been designed to scale up as your business expands.
  • Xn POS can integrate by supporting the development of interfaces to third-party products such as hotel PMS, supply chain management, accounting, EFTPOS.
  • Xn POS can manage the global update and distribution of database changes and application version updates from a central point.

Guest Mobile App

Xn protel has teamed up with Neorcha to create a class-leading, customisable guest app with real time, seamless integration to Xn protel’s core products, as well as leading third party hospitality solutions.

The ability for guests to manage their profile, make, view and cancel room, restaurant and spa/activity bookings enhances the value of the app, encourages use, generates loyalty and optimises incremental revenue opportunities.

The Neorcha application enables hotels of any size to deliver best in class guest services via its unique mobile platform – guests interact easily and seamlessly with hotel brands anywhere, anytime and on any device. Hoteliers use the platform to manage their guest’s mobile experience across their entire IT landscape, with deep and seamless integration with PMS, POS, Spa/Activity, CRS, CRM systems and more.

Xn protel works closely with hotels and chains to understand operational and business needs and to tailor the solution accordingly. We understand the hospitality business inside out, and our industry experience means we can help create efficient and cost-effective solutions to revolutionise the way you think about your end to end guest experience.

Neorcha delivers best-in-class guest services via its unique Mobile platform

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