Who is VTech

Strong history in telephony

  • Founded in 1976
  • Corporate headquarters located in Hong Kong
  • Operations in 11 countries
  • Founding member of the Global DECT Technologies Forum
  • Steers emerging DECT Technologies

Secure financials

  • $2B in annual revenues
  • Clean balance sheet with zero debt
  • $500M in cash reserves
  • Annual R&D dudget of $40M

Strength in operations

  • 37,000 employees worldwide
  • 1,500 R&D professionals
  • VTech has 4 manufacturing facilities outright
  • Do not ‘share resources’ with manufacturing plants
  • Shipped over 41M telephones (133,000 per day) in 2013


VTech Differentiators

Antibacterial plastic tested to inhibit 99.9% of bacteria growth

  • Benefit: Peace of mind for housekeeping staff and guests

USB charging port (on all SIP models)

  • Benefit: Guests can now charge devices without searching for an  extra outlet while keeping device  next to the bed and easily accessible

Advanced replacement on warranty

  • Benefit: VTech pays shipping on any new phones being  replaced under warranty and to  ship defective phones back

National Account – 3 case pack (36 phones)

  • Benefit: Property receives free shipping, free face plates and programming at no additional cost when a minimum of 3 cases are ordered

Cordless Advantage

ENERGY STAR® qualified (Analog)

  • Benefit: Important to hotels and management companies focused on green initiatives

Built-in speakerphone on cordless handset

  • Benefit: Guests can move about room while carrying on conversations via cordless handset

Three non-removable, programmable speed  dials on cordless handset

  • Benefit: Guests can retrieve messages or access speed dials without needing to access base unit

Battery back-up option

  • Benefit: Guests stay connected even during power outage

Easy handset registration

  • Benefit: Hotel staff can easily register handsets within seconds by simply placing them on base unit

Backlit keypad on cordless handset

  • Benefit: Guests can easily use the phone in low lighting situations

Corporate Sustainability

Committed to reducing environmental impact

  • Reduction in components

Emerging technologies that eliminates expensive processes such as bonding and component insertion

RoHS compliant

  • Mercury and lead free products

ENERGY STAR® compliant

  • 35% less energy consumption

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation Member

Recycled packaging with egg carton design

Automatic Network Convergence via LLDP-MED

Support for LLDP-MED Provides: 

Automatic deployment of convergence policies

  • Voice VLAN
  • Layer 2 & 3 QoS policies

Emergency call services – location service

  • Enablement of E911 for IP telephony

Detailed inventory management capabilities

  • Location information and an accurate topology made available to admin.
  • Network switch acts as a proxy collecting; model, manufacture, software & firmware.

Advance PoE

  • Fine grain power management for power conservation

IP telephony network troubleshooting

  • Detect duplex mismatch & improper voice policy configuration


Support for Redundant PBX

  • Enable backup server feature on WEB UI
  • Detail the IP address of the backup PBX
  • If the primary PBX loses network connectivity

VTech phone automatically registers to backup PBX

When the primary PBX is back online

  • VTech phone automatically switches registration back to the primary PBX

Virtual 2-Line Feature & Real 2-Line Feature

2 Line phone support dual media streams

  • Use one SIP license to register a two line phone & use second line at no cost

2-Line phones support registration of 2 separate extensions on same phone

  • Register 2 separate extensions on the same phone
  • Make and receive multiple calls from one handset
  • Ideal for large suites where more than one phone is resident

Emergency Off-Hook Dialing

Programmable emergency contact

  • Specify an emergency contact number – i.e. Front Desk
  • Specify a timer within a range of 0 – 1000 (seconds)
  • Take the phone off hook – once the emergency timer has expired
  • A call is made to the emergency contact number
  • Help can be dispatched to the room should the guest require assistance

Centralized Management via Admin Tool

  •  Displays current status of SIP Phone, room number, extension number, MAC Address, IP Address, registration status, current firmware version & operation history
  •  Email Notifications automatically sent should a phone drop off the network
  •  Build configuration files for bulk deployment & configuration changes
  •  Push Firmware upgrade to phones in bulk

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