History & Scope of Operations

Sunsecure Sweden AB started in 2009 with an idea to make it easy for people to keep valuables safe on the beach. A year later the first prototype of the SunLocker was produced – A unique parasol base with a safety box. Since then SunLocker has been developed and tested and is now a premium product, unique in the world. We work with local a reseller in the Middle East so we can provide the best sales, support and service. Gone are the guests´ problems and worries about cash, mobile and camera when they go for a swim or just to lay back and relax in the sun.

 SunLocker makes the guest feel safe and relaxed.

Products & Systems

SunLocker is made in Sweden. The parasol base is made of UV-protected Polycarbonate, an extremely knock-resistant plastic. All metal parts are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum. The hatch to the safe-box will be delivered with key or code lock.

The SunLocker can be adapted to meet your requests, for example with garbage can, menu holder, can/glass holder, waitress system, solar mobile charging or power bank. SunLocker can be delivered in one colored or two colored, all colors are available.

SunLocker Original (for steel poles)

Weight filled with sand:   50 kg

Weight filled with Water: 35 kg

Dimensions: 600 X 660 X 420 mm

Fit parasol poles ø 20 – 60 mm

SunLocker Tropic (for wooden poles)

Weight:            5kg

Dimensions: 600 X 660 X 420 mm

Fit fixed poles ø 50 – 150 mm

The wooden pole has to be fixed in to the ground since the SunLocker cannot hold the parasol by itself.

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