History & Scope of Operations

Simplified Solutions is a leading Hospitality Software sales and service organisation in the Middle East. Over the last few years they have brought together a bouquet of highly successful, internationally recognised Hospitality Management Software and offer them over a single window platform. With over 14 of the world’s top 20 Hotel Chains, leading restaurants, clubs and sports facilities using their partner products and services, they have a long and illustrious list of Clients across the region, India and Africa.

Service Overview

Keeping in mind our customer’s comprehensive IT requirements we have four broad areas of operation:

Software Consultancy
Hardware Consultancy
IT Networking and Infrastructure
Education & Training

References & Values

Their team of consultants and software engineers have 75 plus man years of extensive experience in the Hospitality IT domain  and have been delighting their clients with their sharp understanding of Hospitality Business and delivering the products and services in line with their specific requirement.

Simplified Solutions – The Company

Simplified Solutions is a Software Sales and Service organization based in Dubai, UAE. With 50 plus man years of extensive experience we specialize in solution sales with key focus on following:


With over 50 man years of extensive experience in the IT Domain, Simplified Solutions has a proven, creative and committed team of consultants who understand Projects and are ready to take on any challenge.

Our team of specialised consultants work closely with our clients to understand their business processes and help them handpick best fit software solutions for their specific business requirements. They work as an integrated team with them to design and map standard operating procedures within the solution, handhold the end users throughout the transition and ensure that the new deployment is adopted well.

Comprehensive Hospitality IT

System Integration

As Businesses fund and build long term IT capabilities, they are always on the lookout for “best of breed” software for different departments. This on one hand provides enhanced depth of functionality however on the other hand poses a big risk of leading their systems to work in silos.

Our customized interfaces allow two programs to share information with each other, even though they may have been developed by different sources or use different programming languages. Simplified Solutions offers a lot of flexibility and freedom to our clients in terms of picking up the “best of breed” solutions and ensuring that the systems communicate with each other.

Business Intelligence

It is Business Reports that show at the end of the day if economic activities were crowned with success. They give information on past activities and prove in black and white, if decisions have been made correctly. At the same time forecasts are important planning instruments and form the basis for future actions.

Simplified Solutions offers a range of BI services that help to transform raw data from multiple sources into meaningful information and reports for business performance analysis, that give our clients a distinct competitive edge and long-term stability

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