About RMG

RMG is where first-class visual communications software and hardware meet, creating exceptional visual communications solutions for hospitality, orchestrating transformational digital experiences. The company’s digital signage products are developed to perfectly fit any message, as manufactured by RMG’s team of experts around the globe. Some more information about RMG:

  • Providing technology solutions for almost four decades
  • Global presence with offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Middle East
  • Listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange as the only digital signage company
  • Proper manufacturer of enterprise wide visual communications solutions, hardware and software (including mobile digital signage solutions)
  • Only one stop shopping solutions provider in the digital signage sector

Driving engagement in hospitality, front and back of house

RMG’s digital signage solutions for hospitality are carefully developed with the aim of engaging customers and visitors as well as employees. By providing the right information and appealing visual stimuli when and where it matters, our solutions help you re-shape the customer and employee journey and influence people’s behaviours throughout it.

Our focus is on creating a strong impact and making sure information and call to action uptake is maximised every step of the way. That way we don’t only change the customer journey and create modern environment and differentiated brand image, but we also ensure a positive ROI for our clients. Our solutions help you solve critical and non critical business challenges and help your organisation reach its objectives.

INTEREL is an effective, reliable and lasting pillar for every stakeholder and investor to entrust in throughout their investment and globalization strategies within the hospitality industry.

Product and Solutions Overview

RMG is the only true turnkey digital signage provider offering the following products and services for complete transformational hospitality solutions:

  • Hardware (screens, displays and media players)
  • Software (CMS platform and mobile apps)
  • Creative services and design
  • Professional services (installation, project management, engineering)
  • Maintenance and support
  • Consultancy


RMG’s powerful state-of-the-art cloud based enterprise digital signage CMS platform that:

  • Actively supports and encourages a smart multi-platform communications strategy.
  • Powers up your enterprise-wide visual communications eco-system across the widest possible range of digital interfaces.
  • Provides full control and easy accessibility from content creation to publishing.
  • Offers a hyper intuitive user friendly interface and user flow.

More info can be found on www.korbyt.com


Group or personalised content delivered where and when you need it without restriction in time and location. KorbytGO is your company’s hub for creating meaningful and impactful connections with your audiences.

Provide the right information to the right people, allowing businesses to cultivate the true power of communications. Powered by and managed within the Korbyt CMS platform, our mobile app KorbytGO is an integral and fully integrated part of RMG’s digital signage eco-system.

More info can be found on www.korbytgo.com

KorbytGO Desktop:

A smart desktop widget providing relevant communications and unified real-time data-driven performance insights straight to employees’ desktops in a segmented manner. This compact solution combines the best of enterprise-wide communications with completely personalized messaging, acting as a big bridge between the organization and its staff. Keep people informed, aligned and engaged at all times with this clever and powerful solution.

RMG Analytics:

RMG Viewer Analytics provides a solid audience measurement platform based on Anonymous Video Analytics.

  • Real Time Profiling
  • Measuring & Understanding
  • Assess & Improve
  • Plan & Program
  • Responsive Targeting


RMG Networks extensive collection of media players offer scalable, seamless integration regardless of project size and scope, leading the industry in speed, security, reliability and performance.

Built to handle the most demanding real-time data applications for digital signage, players can be configured and scaled to execute the most demanding requirements. Our players provide the utmost security for your critical real-time information. Available models:

  • SDA 1010 – Big on Performance, Small on Size
  • SDA 1010X – Quiet, Clean, and Reliable
  • SDA 1040 – The Ultimate in Performance and Features
  • SDA 1060 – The Most Multi-output Efficiency From a Single Media Player
  • SDA 1065 – Beyond Ultra-high Definition for the Best in Video Wall Performance
  • LEC-7388S – Powerful Performance With Ops Convenience


Being an expert in harvesting the power of visuals and providing LED based content and data visualisation solutions to the market for almost four decades, MAX is RMG’s promise to make your message rise above the noise of daily distractions, giving it true impact.

MAX helps you make the most out of your digital signage by combining next generation LED technology with sleek design. Offering outstanding clarity and sharpness in a lightweight and energy efficient solution, designed to match your communication goals, Max is available in a wide range of formats, sizes and pixel pitches guaranteeing a perfect fit and synergetic connection with its surroundings. Transform spaces creating immersive engaging experiences, with MAX LED displays.

MAX displays come in a number of variations, aimed at providing the perfect solution to seamlessly fit the communication objective and physical surroundings. Main members of the MAX family include:

More info can be found on www.maximiseled.solutions

Displays, Menu Boards and Videowalls:

At RMG we are hardware agnostic, always providing the visual display technology that best fit the client’s challenges and objectives. Together with our hardware partners we provide any displays to support your visual communications strategies in a cost-effective way and competitively priced. From single screens to dynamic menu boards and any size videowalls, our solutions architects design the most appropriate hardware composition for every project.


Kiosks, whether interactive or not, are a splendid, impactful and highly multi-functional visual communication platform compatible for a wide range of settings and communication objectives. RMG has selected the best and brightest of the market to ensure that your digital signage strategies are implemented using only the most suitable and eye-catching screens. Talk to RMG to get a full overview of the brands and models we work with.

RMG Social:

Integrate content from any social source with your digital visual communications. Allow your audience to interact directly with your digital signage screens. With RMG #Social we take engagement solutions one step further, seamlessly integrating user and employee generated content from any social media source with all your digital visual communications, thereby reinforcing your marketing, internal communication and brand strategies. A fully automated, intelligent and true multi-platform approach for highest level efficiency and sublime engaging impact.

RMG OnTarget:

KOnTarget is RMG’s premium content service, providing local and global news, weather, traffic, sports and other useful updates as well as entertaining, interesting and fun facts, streamed in real time directly to all your digital corporate communication channels. A simple yet effective way to maintain viewers attention and get your message across on your digital communication channels. OnTarget is a clever building stone of your internal communication strategy, aimed at capturing attention and increasing engagement.

Creative consulting:

Every day, we build, we create, and we inspire beyond industry limitations to deliver award-winning, creative work to help you boost your message and your brand. Taking into account your challenges and objectives as well as a range of other factors our creative consultants design stunning concepts and provide strategic and tactical creative consulting to create the perfect content strategy and policies no matter what the focus of your objectives and your target audiences are.

Creative Production:

RMG’s in-house team of creatives, UX designers and art directors work with clients to develop and design creative content that captures attention and conveys your message in a powerful way, all whilst adhering to customers’ branding guidelines. Our visual content specialists focus on providing the following services to make your visual communications and digital signage strategies truly come to live:

  • Graphic design
    • Images
    • Video
    • Motion graphics
    • Powerpoint
    • Animations

–       Experience design (or is this consulting?)

–       Storyboarding

–       Creative content production (or is this together with graphic design?)

Internal Communications / employee engagement solutions:

RMG’s clever visual internal communications solutions have the power to create a bridge between content and data, the organization and its employees, in order to boost engagement and performance.

RMG’s solutions allow you to manage powerful visual communications from one central location across multiple end point all over the world, including on KorbytGO, our clever mobile app for enterprise wide comms. Our intelligent solution allows messages to be segmented, based on a number of criteria to make sure the right message is delivered to the right audience. Change corporate culture and create a more collaborative and productive environment thanks to an engaging internal communications strategy powered by clever technology.

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