Reynard Lighting (Design)

Reynard Lighting are a qualified award winning lighting design fee based consultancy that responsibly co-ordinate ALL elements of lighting. Being involved upfront and early in the design process ensures complete packages are delivered efficiently, fully coordinated without allowing important elements to fall between qualified disciplines including:

  • Architectural, Technical, Decorative and Bespoke Lighting Design, Specification and Implementation.
  • Room Management Controls Design, Specification and Implementation.
  • Building Wide Lighting Controls and Smart Systems Design, Specification and Implementation.
  • Emergency FOH (Architecturally considered and integrated) and BOH (Performance Driven) Complete Systems Design, Specification and Implementation – Compliant to Local regulations.
  • New Technology Integration with MEP systems – Smart Systems and Solar Design Specification and Implementation.

We take a qualified responsibility to co-ordinate across ALL elements and disciplines without compromise to provide best practice and quality – fit for purpose but always with best delivered value, on time and on budget – Initiating and taking design responsibility upfront, delivering engineering detailed design solutions – to support and advance initial general philosophies and employer’s requirements.

We advise not to design packages without considered, co-ordination or responsibility being defined – as this leads only to final results being compromised, with individual elements, in isolation of total visual performance potential. Often leaving responsibility of coordinated integration to chance ultimately is costly in time, quality and value.

Do clients / operators really want:

“The impact of leaving architectural engineering disciplines defining visual elements of the interiors without considered awareness or coordinated approval”.

 “Interior Designers choose lighting control switches; Implementation engineering and coordination responsibility being left to your contractor to design, implement and deliver”.

Reynard Lighting (Specification)

Specification should not only be about product choice without full operational understanding and coordination:

“The specification of Decorative Items without Technical qualities, engineering and systems coordination is seen as a common occurrence. The importance of ensuring a specification meets the initial visuals but often more importantly is enhanced with Technical Responsibility supported with – visual quality and performance criteria – It is paramount to delivering initial design content as specified”.

Reynard Lighting (Systems)

Our aim as qualified specialists is to detail Room Management full Building Controls relative – to the exact requirements – clients, international and local best practice recommendations. Systems with a coordinated approach coordinated with qualitative lighting design can offer major visual and performance advantages with ultimate client, and operator results especially for Hotel Refurbishments.

“Too many occasions, and seemingly as a norm, we see Designer specification’s allow especially for up-to-tender only, or worse include supervision, review without including, assisting the installer with detailed engineering drawings and full commissioning; Or the client to realise initial lighting control philosophies”.

Reynard Lighting (Supply)

 We operate an independent supply division inclusive of project management (Lighting and Systems specific) to take full responsibility of separate supply only projects to guarantee compliance to design intention qualified as best value to project specific quality requirements. Additionally we offer supply against specific client approved performance Design and Specification (from our Design Division) providing  significant value much appreciated by End Clients, Project PM’s, Developers and Main Contractors.

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