With a focus on both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business sales, Nespresso is strongly positioned in the most dynamic and fastest growing segment of the global coffee market.  The strength of the brand, the quality of our coffees and our unique service offering provide us with exciting growth opportunities to further engage coffee lovers who demand authentic quality and moments of pleasure.

Highest Quality Coffee

Our success is based on our unrelenting focus on delivering the highest quality coffees to consumers. We offer coffee lovers worldwide the widest range of Grand Cru coffees and continue to regularly innovate to bring new, exceptional experiences to our Club Members.

Our coffee experts seek out the most exclusive coffees and create original blends for consumers and Club Members. Because of our strict coffee selection process and our sourcing based on select terroirs, we estimate that only 1-2% of the coffee grown globally meets our specific taste and aroma profiles, and quality requirements. These rare coffees, from the world‘s most well-renowened coffee growing regions, are crafted into exceptional blends and single origin coffees, specifically developed to suit every taste preference, by specialists in our state-of-the-art production centres.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous innovation and our passion for perfection have been key drivers in our quest to consistently bring coffee pleasure to consumers at home and away from home. Our innovations and cutting-edge designs have continually reinvented not only the coffee machine, but also the overall coffee consumption experience and ritual, offering ever more convenience and ease of use for consumers.

  • 13 Grands Crus for Professional Solutions
  • 24 Grands Crus for In-room solutions

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