History & Scope of Operations

LG Electronics has a strong global network. We have manufacturing and production plants, sales offices, and research and development facilities in 128 countries, fully supporting our business in over 200 countries. We strive to change the life and business of our customers around the world with innovative technologies and products.

LG Electronics uses an integrated management system related to energy, environment, safety, and health considerations. In line national environmental goals, LG Electronics executes a green management strategy to control energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all steps of our business. Furthermore, we aim to expand our selection of green products and increase their sales.

Products & Systems

A New Standard of Hospitality TV

LG’s latest hospitality TV line up offers comprehensive solutions which enhances the user experience of your guests.

Premium Stunning design improves the ambience in any hotel room while innovative TV technology offers easy-to-use and extensive options to the guests.

  • CINEMA SCREEN design brings the cinematic viewing Experience through the minimized bezel.
  • Sound Designed by harman/kardon brings superb sound quality creates an environment that is as immersive as the viewing.
  • ULTRA HD is the future of digital picture, possessing four times higher resolution than that of full HD. Stunning 8.3 million pixels gives a flawless picture quality and incredibly vivid detail.
  • 4K Up-scaler automatically upgrades Full HD content to ULTRA HD through the six steps of the up-scalling process, to enjoy Full HD content in 4K ULTRA HD quality

LG Commercial Display Solutions Hospitality

In hotels, TVs play a crucial role to deliver rooms’ first impression to guest stepping into their rooms. Hotel managers make a ceaseless effort to provide guests with enjoyable and informative content services while their staying. With LG Pro:Centric Hotel TV and Signage Solutions, hotel managers can create customized guest caring contents in a simple and easier way.

Pro:Centric SMART Hotel TV

Pro:Centric SMART Hotel TV

Pro:Centric SMART TVs provide premium looking design and convenient connectivity for guest to fully utilize their personal network devices connected to the in-room TV.

Pro: Centric® V series


Pro: Centric® V series help your guests to have a more comfortable and convenient experience in their rooms. Hotel IT manager can also operate all guest room TVs with centralized management on one system.

The Pro:Centric® Application enabled with the Pro:Centric® server provides customizable templates. With those templates, hoteliers can add the hotel branded portal pages and channels. It also offers guest-centric services, such as a Welcome Page with the guest’s name, Auto Language Setting and Billing Information with the Property Management System(PMS) interface.

SuperSignTM TV


With SuperSignTM software, a shop owner can create or manage promotional contents easily and show both commercial information and TV program at the same time.

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