History & Scope of Operations

Founded in 1862 in Switzerland, the Kaba Group can look back on over 150 years of history, during which time it has developed to become a leading global player in the security industry.

Today, Kaba is an internationally active, listed company with around 9,000 staff in more than 60 countries, offering its customers innovative comprehensive and reliable security solutions.

Kaba FZE, Dubai has been established in 2004 to serve the regional GCC market and provides holistic solutions that address the customer’s needs for security, organization, and convenience at all physical entrances and exits as well as for identification and enterprise data collection functionality.

Products & Systems

Kaba’s “Beyond Security” strategy governs our activities, enabling us to offer a wide range of access control and workforce management solutions, combined with mechanical and electronic locking systems, to clients in key verticals. These meet strategic customer requirements in terms of security, flexibility and integration.

After decades of innovative research and development, our line-up of systems is such that we have a solution for virtually every security requirement and access and workforce management application.

References & Values

Our continuing mission to provide customer satisfaction, as well as our commitment to offer state of the art products explains our multiple successes.

Confidence in security means confidence in Kaba. That is our responsibility and our challenge.

Kaba Mobile Access Solutions

Kaba Access Solutions is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology to securely issue and manage a mobile key on smartphone and mobile devices. Convenient, reliable and secure for both the hotel property and guests, Kaba’s Mobile Access Solutions is a secure, end-to end mobile credential application utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the preferred communication technology for Kaba mobile enabled RFID hotel locks.

Guest can use smart device as a “virtual key” to open their hotel room door.

Safok Messenger Lens

The Saflok Messenger LENS system is ideal for hotels seeking the ultimate in security and guest experience while maximizing operational efficiency. The wireless online system offers a two-way communication between the front desk and the hotels electronic locks. It enables staff to receive notifications or alerts from the locks to a server, an email address or directly to a cell-phone via text message.

The system can also communicate events that occur at the locks to third party devices or systems for greater flexibility and control options.

With Saflok Messenger LENS, you can:

  • Send lock commands directly from the front desk
  • Receive lock alerts & notifications
  • Share lock Information with third party systems

Saflok Secure Shift Advanced

The main function of the Secure Shift Advanced is to validate hotel staff keycards for the next work shift. When combined with Saflok System 6000, the Secure Shift Advanced facilitates keycard control efficiency, guest safety and employee management.

In addition, Secure Shift Advanced offers online lock features without requiring online locks and a Messenger Lens backbone. Messages are passed to and from Secure Shift Advanced units and the Saflok locks via the keycards. The Secure Shift Advanced devices communicate continuously with the property’s Saflok System 6000.

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