History & Scope of Operations

Surfsonix is the worldwide leader in HSIA that enhances how guests connect, experience, and communicate. Our technology is changing the nature of work and the way we live.

Founded in 2003, Surfsonix is the product of Interlabz Technologies, Headquartered in the UK. Regionally Headquartered in Dubai, we are one of the Global leaders in HSIA Solution, offering an extensive and broad portfolio of products and solutions with our years of experience in deployments around the clock. We are also the only company taking HSIA “Beyond HSIA”, thereby pushing all limits against all odds.

Products & Systems

For more than a decade, Surfsonix has been enabling and pioneering businesses for a broad portfolio of domains, with the likes of Hospitality, MICE, Telco/ISP, Enterprise and the list goes on.

Immensely strong Management Team coupled with R&D Leadership is what makes us unique and market leaders. Our management believes in setting the trends for the industry.

Mission: Re-inventing the HSIA Industry, the Surfsonix Way!

Vision: To improve our lives with affordable, futuristic and sustainable services.


These amazing smart features are the building blocks of “Beyond HSIA Experience”

Loyalty Program: Build effective loyalty program to convert one-time visitors into loyal customers. Digitally enroll users or integrate with Loyalty App.

Analytics and Reports: Know your customers’ behaviour and improve your business

Social Media: Allow Guest WiFi access through social media and promote your brand

Next Generation Marketing: Use social media & targeted e-marketing to influence audiences. Drive revenues with Location Based Services.

Presence and Location Analytics: Drive response by targeting visitors when they are near by. Track visitors behaviour by their dwell time, repeat vs new etc. Enhance customer engagement with heat map analytics.

Robust Security: Intelligent and advance security to protect your businesses and customers.

What is “Beyond HSIA”Experience?

Traditional HSIA solution limit themselves with Internet Access control, bandwidth management and basic security. With Surfsonix, we have gone beyond these limits. The smart features of Surfsonix allows the venue owners to improve their business and generate revenues, even with Free WiFi. Our USPs are:  Create Brand Awareness, WiFi Monetization, Analytics, Deep rich Customer Engagement, Micro Targeting, Adaptive Security and Cloud based Centralized Managment.


Businesses face various challenges when it comes to reporting and analytics. Such processes must output valuable and meaningful insights that are applicable and actionable. If reporting and analytics are not measured against defined business standards and do not provide insights into business performance (recommendations to improve the business), then the work of acquiring such data falls short. Data should tell a business what is happening (reporting) why it is happening (analytics) and what the business can do to make improvements (implementation).

In order to overcome the above challenges Surfsonix provides deep enrich analytics and reporting.


Surfsonix Customer Engagement Model is based on the following theme of “Access, Analyze, Engage and Manage”, resulting in several benefits like enhanced visitors engagement, higher guests satisfaction, more revenues for the businesses etc.

Access: Provide visitors with easy and secure WiFi experience across all locations and collect valuable users data.

Analyze: Know your visitors behaviour in physical spaces with rich analytics and plan your businesses accordingly.

Engage: Increase customer loyalty and grow your business with promotions and offers

Manage: Manage your customers and venues across the globe using our cloud-based portal


Surfsonix is a smart internet access solution for different industries, designed to support thousands of users in wireless & wired networks. Optimized for high performance and scalability, it is a service-rich, resilient, and flexible HSIA gateway that enables next-generation wireless networks, smart devices and applications across all the verticals. With its exceptional features like AAA, intelligent Bandwidth Management, customizable Landing Page/Portal, WiFi & Social Analytics, and Users demographics reports with detailed analytics of visitors’ behavior, it allows the venue owners to provide highly reliable, robust & cost efficient internet services and simultaneously turn the venues into revenue sources.


Single Location: Surfsonix Smart HSIA offer highly flexible and scalable solution for single location, of any size and type.

Multiple Locations: Deploy and securely manage the highly scalable smart HSIA solution across multiple locations with Centralized billing and bandwidth management in any networks. Seamlessly integrates with layer 2 and 3 networks.

Cloud based: The smart HSIA solution can be deployed in cloud only mode for hotspots and other venues which do not require integration with PMS and external authentication systems.

Hybrid – Cloud based: Hybrid mode is for those venues which require PMS and EAS integration.


Analytics and Reports                                               Social Media

Next Generation Marketing                                     Multi-layer operation

VIP Guest recognition and notification                 User Data Collector

Loyalty App and Program Integration                   Swift VPN

Presence Analytics                                                      Live Traffic Monitoring

Location Analytics                                                       Dynamic Splash Page

Sub- Location Reports                                               Network Monitoring

Adaptive Security                                                         Multiple Sources of Authentication

Intelligent Bandwidth Management                       Cloud based Centralized Management

Real Plug and Surf                                                       Comprehensive Reports

Seamless Roaming                                                      User Friendly Admin Interface

Application visibility & Control


Reliable & Scalable Solution

Peace of Mind

Excellent Customer Support

Cost Effective Solution

User Friendly

Raises Revenue

Increases Overall Guests Internet Experience

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