History & Scope of Operations

Headquartered in Dubai, INTEREL has gained momentum and widespread recognition as an integrated system supplier of online Guest Room Management Systems and energy conservation solutions in the international hospitality industry.

Both, momentum and recognition stem from INTEREL strength in displaying skills and experience across the whole value chain including; design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, supervision, commissioning and aftersales service.

Territorial Expansion

Next to manufacturing its products in Italy, INTEREL has its global HQ based in Dubai, thereby linking the European environment with the emerging and growing markets in the MEA region, which has served as a stepping stone in the process of entering Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

INTEREL is an effective, reliable and lasting pillar for every stakeholder and investor to entrust in throughout their investment and globalization strategies within the hospitality industry.

Products & Systems

Innovation, design, customization and modularity of products and systems are key in serving the hospitality market, ranging from the most prestigious luxury properties to specialized service hotels.

The INTEREL portfolio offers the following solutions for the modern, socially responsible hotelier:

  • Advanced Energy Management
  • HVAC and humidity control
  • Motion sensor presence detection
  • Lighting, dimming and scene control
  • Guest bedside control panels
  • Guest service requests
  • Room number signage
  • Hardware and Software interfaces to third party hospitality systems

References & Values

A rapidly increasing number of international collaborations and corporate approvals, as well as a growing list of reference projects are underpinning the INTEREL story particularly since its expansion into the international markets.

INTEREL system philosophy is driven by its social responsibility towards the environment, which next to increasing the operators return on investment  drives the guest experience and optimizes the energy consumption of their properties whilst reducing carbon footprint.

Intelligent Thermostat

The Thermostat panel supports a 4 Characters 7 Segment LED Display. Intelligent, energy saving, capacitive touchThermostat with advanced temperature control and real time interaction with room air conditioning and Building Management System; optional built-in motion sensor enables occupancy presence detection.

Intelligent Key Card Holder

Intelligent keycard holder panel with Mifare reader, built-in bell chime, capacitive touch buttons for requesting DND and MUR, and a Master on/off lighitng control. This panel functions, where regionally appropriate, as the room energy saving keycard pocket that controls the power consumption in the room based on the presence of the guest.

Corridor Room status panel

The Corridor Room Status Panel is an elegant and functional external room entry panel. It supports an integrated Mifare card reader and a backlit capacitive touch bell. As well, there is a LED stripe for room status indication and guest/staff presence display. The panel unit is customizable to meet your design element requirements, is LED backlit and has the dimensions of 128 X 168 mm.

Bedside Panel

Tabletop and wall mounted smart capacitive touch Bed Side Panel for lighting control, room service functions and thermoregulation control. This unit is customizable and INTEREL offers the option to re-define the graphical design and functional icons of the panel.

Extended Bedside Panel

New for 2015, Extended Bed Side Panels offer and array of guest room controls, integrated universal power sockets, as well as mobile and multimedia options right next to the guest bed. The position of the sockets in the panels are designed logically to support deployment on both sides of the guest bed. The color and icon design of the extended bed side panels are customizable.

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