Armstrong International Hospitality Solutions

In the hospitality industry, creating a comfortable, safe, convenient environment is crucial to providing your guests with a pleasant, gratifying experience that will bring them back, again and again. Safety, comfort and ultimately, customer satisfaction all depend on your ability to maintain a constant supply of hot water at precision-controlled temperatures. As global leaders in hot water generation and control, Armstrong is swiftly rising as the international brand standard for many hospitality brands. We are the thermal utility partner for several major hotel chains and our intelligent system solutions in hot water, steam and conditioned air are consistently saving time, money and energy for institutions just like yours.

To ensure that your guests and staff always have a dependable supply of hot water, we offer instantaneous hot water generation and digital water temperature control technology (The Brain®). With our proactive monitoring system, your maintenance staff or facility managers receive notification of interruptions in real time, before guests become aware of hot water issues. Armstrong not only solves your problems, we prevent them with groundbreaking technology and reliable, long-term, sustainable solutions engineered to provide superior return on your investment.

From system design for your new facility to custom-engineering solutions for each of your existing facilities worldwide, Armstrong does it all. We’re here to make things easier for you with a vast range of products and services designed to enhance customer satisfaction, guest safety and energy savings. Armstrong provides comprehensive expertise in utility system engineering as well as on-site solutions, hardworking products, and more—all demonstrating unparalleled value and improved utility performance.

We are the trusted provider for the hospitality industry.

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