History & Scope of Operations

Airangel has been providing creative Guest and Public WiFi solutions for over a decade. From market-leading brands to fast-growing businesses, we manage many millions of internet connections every year for businesses across many different sectors.

Everything we do is driven by a passion for innovation and to help our customers to improve their guest’s experience, increase visitor satisfaction and loyalty, and to generate additional revenue

We combine our extensive experience with best-of-breed technologies to make sure our platform offers a flexible, tailored and future-proof solution built around the ever changing demands of your business.

Products & Systems

MyAirangel is a cloud based WiFi platform that enables easy internet access for your guests, real time customer engagement and a suite of marketing tools and reports. In addition, our networking tools allow you to manage your entire wireless estate across multiple sites and hardware types, ensuring you have complete control.

The Admin Portal at the heart of MyAirangel is an easy-to-use management tool that gives you ultimate control of how your guests or visitors access the Internet and tells you precisely what is happening on your network.

References & Values

Our team of technology experts behind MyAirangel have a sole purpose: to stay on the cutting edge of advancements in WiFi. By combining their in-depth knowledge of the guest WiFi market and industry-leading development skills, our experts create new and exciting solutions to constantly exceed customer needs.

Airangel offers a range of support packages designed to provide fast and effective resolutions. Our complete support package includes 24×7, 365 days a year. We provide first time resolution to nearly 90% of calls within five minutes. Over 85% of calls are answered within 30 seconds.

We’re proud to provide WiFi services to some of the world’s leading brands, including: The Ritz, Mercedes Benz, Hilton Hotels, IHG, The National Health Service, Wyndham, Generator Hostels, Hoxton Hotels, and Park Plaza.

Branded portal with a range of login options

Create bespoke branded  WiFi login pages quickly and easily

Reports at your fingertips

Greater customer insights

Dashboard – Venue status, login methods, usage statistics, gender reporting and loyalty from your estate dashboard.

User Analytics – Full range of reports, both visual and downloadable CSV files provide you with daily, weekly and monthly insights into the guests usage patterns.

API – User data and contact details can be pushed into existing systems such as CRM, email marketing platforms and business intelligence systems for even greater insight and customer engagement. By utilising this feature, organisations can connect their digital and physical worlds for a complete 360 view of their online and offline interests.

Bandwidth Management – The main complaint regarding WiFi networks is poor speed. Our tools display the available bandwidth and internet quality to ensure you are able to monitor and react.  This allows for more effective capacity planning and a better quality of service.

WiFi made easy – No login page

Customers can login without the need for a captive portal. Its just like WiFi at home and remains legally compliant. Our reward-based system allows you to collect key customer data in return for boosting the WiFi service.

WiFi solutions for hospitality

MyAirangel turns an expected service into a loyalty-enhancing opportunity.

We have two primary hospitality WiFi offerings, a plug and play “boxed product” for smaller hotels, cafés and restaurants, plus a bespoke solution for larger locations that have a higher demand and require more features.

Our solution allows you to either charge for WiFi or provide it to guests for free; you can set up the ‘packages’ however you choose. You can allocate the amount of bandwidth or time online to specific groups of guests such as VIPs, free WiFi users, or those that have paid for additional access. The service can be ‘boosted’ by the guest by providing you with additional data or by interacting with your social media pages. Our management tools allow you to see reports and manage the performance of the network ensuring that all the guests have a quality WiFi experience.

MyAirangel offers connections into leading PMS systems, CRM, and email marketing platforms allowing you to validate and bill customers to their rooms, gather key customer data and feed it in to your centralised databases,plus methods to automate customer engagement.

We’re proud to provide WiFi services to some of the world’s leading hotel and resort brands, including: Hilton, IHG, Wyndham, The Ritz, Radisson Blu, Generator, Malmaison and Holiday Inn.

WiFi solutions for retail

Customers can get online with ease using Social Media, a short form, or with the option of no login screen, allowing users quick access by simply selecting the name of the wireless network. Retailers can collect key contextual data, contact details, repeat versus new visitors, and with the right hardware, location data and presence analytics, which highlights where in the store shoppers go and where they spend the most time.

The information and insights gained can be used to segment customers into groups for targeted engagement campaigns based on their demographic profile and loyalty. Users that select to use Social Media authentication can be asked to ‘like’ your Facebook page, ‘checkin’, or follow you on twitter, greatly increasing your social profile and reach.

By using our Injection Jet technology, offers, rewards, satisfaction surveys, and information can be presented to the customer in real time, while in store. The Injection Jets come in the form of videos, banners, icons, interactive star ratings, and URL redirects to key landing pages, such as app downloads or stock checking services.

To help facilitate your omni-channel strategy, our API allows you to feed the data collected into your existing CRM, business intelligence, and email marketing platforms.

WiFi solutions for large public venues

MyAirangel helps large organisations such as Hospitals, Sports Arenas, Entertainment Venues, Conference Facilities, and even Towns and Cities to effectively manage resources, communicate information to visitors and allows for instant direct feedback.

In today’s ‘mobile-first’ world, visitors are keen to get online to share images, videos, and social updates. This offers the perfect opportunity to promote your business or venue, deliver timely updates, and to drive additional revenue through real-time engagement.

In high density environments the challenge is often ensuring that users can get online with ease and that they all receive a good quality and robust internet connection. Our tools make capacity planning effective and simple. Bandwidth can be allocated according to the specific requirements of the venue and the number of people expected on the network.

With the correct hardware in place, MyAirangel can provide Location Based Services and Presence Analytics, allowing you to see in more detail how visitors interact with your venue. Reports such as repeat versus new visitors, frequency of visit, and footfall reporting can provide rich insights into customer and visitor behaviour. This information can be used as triggers for event driven, targeted marketing campaigns such as sending messages to visitors in certain zones, or rewarding returning customers with email-based vouchers.

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