History & Scope of Operations

Pacific Prime, a division of Medstar Insurance Brokers LLC

Pacific Prime, a division of Medstar Insurance Brokers LLC, is a fully licenced insurance broker in the UAE. Specializing in group insurance, our knowledgeable team offers reliable tailormade insurance and risk solutions that hoteliers and their HR teams can rely on.

In operation for over 16 years in Asia and the Middle East, we have developed robust technical systems and industry relationships that we leverage to identify the best insurance solutions available for you and your employees. Every corporate client we work with is assigned a team of industry experts who work with you to help identify, secure, and manage all of your insurance solutions.

As part of a global group, Pacific Prime is able to offer insurance and risk solutions that cover not only the UAE but also the Middle East and beyond. By cultivating in-depth relationships with all of the major insurers in the region, we are able to offer insurance solutions the hotel industry can rely on. Solutions we offer for hoteliers and HR teams include:

  • Group health insurance – We are able to offer health insurance solutions that are compliant with the new mandatory health insurance requirements in Dubai. We are also able to offer worldwide health insurance plans that cover employees in any region.
  • Liability insurance – Hotels are required to secure a variety of liability coverage including: Public liability, Employer’s liability, Content liability, and even Cyber liability. We can work with you to identify the best solution for your business.
  • Business interruption insurance – As turn-key operations, hotels rely on the ability to always be open. Should something happen that reduces your ability to sell rooms and drive income, you could quickly see a profitable operation go insolvent. Business interruption insurance can help mitigate this risk.
  • Personal Accident & Illness insurance – Should an employee be injured on the job, this solution can help offset the costs of recovery and any income lost from the employee being unable to work.
  • Contents & Equipment insurance – The furniture, technical systems, electronics, outdoor furniture, etc. all make your hotel unique. This insurance is designed to help offset the costs of replacing these should they be damaged or lost.
  • Building insurance – The damage or loss of the physical building your hotel is situated in can be catastrophic, especially if you need to repair or rebuild. This insurance is designed to help cover the costs of rebuilding or repairing the physical building of your hotel.

It’s not all about insurance…

Pacific Prime is not just an insurance broker, we are a service company. We strive to offer reliable services to all of our clients. For groups, we assign a team of industry experts who work with your organization to identify your insurance needs. Once you have secured insurance, our team works with you to ensure that staff are educated about their coverage, and claims are handled quickly and efficiently.

Our team also conducts a periodic review of plans and coverage elements to ensure that plans secured are actually working for your business. When it comes time to renew, we conduct a full analysis of your current plan and options, and can even manage the whole renewal process.

On top of all that, we build an insurance portal for all group clients that provides employees with a central location where they can review their plan details, submit claims, and learn more about any insurance solution. Designed to be adaptable, this portal can be placed on any intranet for integrated access.

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